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TMJ disorders in Waco

If you suffer with TMJ, you can probably receive relief from a TMJ appliance which can be obtained at our dental office, Fred Ballou. Our Waco TMJ dentist, Dr. Fred L. Ballou, works with many TMJ patients to help them obtain relief from this difficult problem.

Waco TMJ dentist

Patients who come to our practice to see our Waco TMJ dentist are happy to learn that they can often be treated for TMJ using oral appliances. These oral appliances can provide treatment for people who suffer with TMJ problems at night. Sleep appliances can also be used to help patients who suffer with sleep apnea or excessive snoring. TMJ oral appliances can be worn during sleep and can help the patient to stop grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw during these hours. When a patient has TMJ, they have a problem that is related to the TMJ joint. Common symptoms of TMJ can include: a patient being aware of grinding or clenching their teeth; waking up with stiff muscles around your jaw; frequent headaches or neck aches; stress makes you clench your jaw; your jaw pops or grates when you open your mouth; some teeth no longer touch when you bite; it is hard to use your front teeth to bite or tear food; or you have other teeth problems such as tooth sensitivity or loose or worn teeth. The more symptoms you have, the more likely it is that you suffer with TMJ. Some types of TMJ can lead to more serious oral problems, so it is important that this problem is treated at our dental practice. Many times TMJ problems can be treated with a sleep appliance which can be provided by our dentist. The goal of the appliance is to relieve muscle spasms and joint pain. Our dentist will also be able to teach you certain things you can do to help relieve TMJ problems, including resting your jaw, exercising your jaw, and even practicing good posture.

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