TMJ Dentist in Richmond

TMJ disorders in Richmond

TMJ dentist in Richmond

TMJ dentist in Richmond

If you are suffering with TMJ, you should come to our dental practice, Fred Ballou for treatment. Our TMJ dentist in Richmond, Dr. Fred L. Ballou, can provide you with treatment for your TMJ disorder which will have you feeling more comfortable throughout the day, and help protect your bite and teeth.

When a patient has a problem with TMJ, they have a problem that is related to the jaw joint. Many times patients will clench their teeth from stress, and it will cause a TMJ problem. Patients with TMJ problems may have a clicking sound in their jaw when they try to speak or chew. This occurs because the joints of the jaw and the chewing muscles do not work together correctly. Sometimes TMJ problems can lead to more serious conditions. It is always important that this problem is treated so subsequent problems do not develop. Sometimes people with TMJ will clench or grind their teeth, causing strict stress to be put upon the TMJ joint. Patients can have a damaged joint due to an injury they have suffered, or because of arthritis. TMJ can result in a misaligned bite, a clicking or grating noise when you open your mouth, or even trouble in being able to open your mouth wide. Signs that you may have TMJ include: waking up with sore and stiff muscles around your jaws; frequent headaches; frequent neck aches; pain that worsens when you clench your teeth; or realizing that you are clenching your teeth from stress. If your teeth meet differently from time to time, or you are developing sensitive teeth which can be loose, or broken, you may also be experiencing signs of TMJ. Our TMJ dentist in Richmond can provide you with a dental appliance which will help to relieve pressure which is placed upon the jaw. Our dental appliance will help you stop clenching or grinding your teeth, and will thus relieve muscle tension at night. The joints of the jaw and cartilage will be protected, as well.

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