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Root canal in Richmond KY

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If you have a tooth that is sensitive when you eat something hot or cold, or has become very painful, you may have an infected tooth. This means that there is a good chance that you will need root canal therapy. If you would like to meet with our expert dentist at our dental practice, Fred Ballou, he will be able to determine if your tooth pain is being caused by tooth infection. Our dentist will also be able to let you know if you will be needing root canal therapy; however, if you do have an infected tooth, canal therapy is generally the only way the tooth can be saved. An infected tooth will not be able to recover on its own. When you need a root canal in Richmond KY you can do no better than to come in to our top-notch dental practice for diagnosis and full treatment.

At our dental practice our expert and highly-trained dentist is Dr. Fred L. Ballou. When patients come to us with extreme pain in their mouth it often points to the fact that they have an infected or damaged tooth. A tooth can become infected or damaged either due to trauma, or because there is a crack in the tooth or a crack in one of the tooth’s fillings. When teeth or fillings have cracks in them they provide the perfect way for bacteria to enter the tooth and cause infection. Unfortunately, if a tooth becomes infected it will not get better by itself. The tooth will need to have root canal therapy in Richmond KY or it will only fall out by itself or need to be extracted. After this happens, the patient needs to get a dental implant or other permanent tooth replacement. However, the good news is that root canal therapy can usually save the life of the tooth.

A root canal in Richmond KY is effective in over 90% of cases. Our dentists will be able to analyze your particular tooth situation and let you know whether or not it is likely that the root canal treatment will be effective. If there is a problem with the tooth healing correctly, you may need a root canal retreatment. After the treatment process is completed our dentists will be able to fully restore your tooth with a beautiful porcelain crown; this will return the tooth to its full ability to function and withstand strong chewing forces. The sooner a root canal is performed the more likely it is to be successful. So, if you are experiencing tooth pain, make an appointment to see our dentists to determine what exactly the cause is.

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