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Dental crowns in Richmond KY

Richmond KY dental office
Richmond KY dental office

There are plenty of reasons why you should restore your teeth if any of them have been damaged or have developed incompletely. Having an even smile is more than just a cosmetic issue – it is also a medical concern. If you need to restore any of your teeth, then dental crowns may be exactly what you need. Our dentist here at our Richmond KY dental office, Dr. Fred Ballou, can provide you with whatever restorative procedures or care that you need in order to fully restore your smile’s appearance and function as well.

Dental crowns are essentially synthetic dental caps that are placed on teeth in order to adjust its shape, fill in areas, or to treat specific conditions. They can also be applied for purely cosmetic reasons as well. The crown itself is composed of a tooth-colored resin that is molded into the desired shape and then set once it is complete. Most commonly, dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. Because root canal therapy is implemented in order to treat an infected tooth root, a significant amount of tooth mass is often removed in order to get rid of as much decay as possible. Because so much of the tooth may be removed in the process, the structure will be lacking once the procedure is complete. Dental crowns are usually applied once the therapy has proven to be a success. These appliances can also be used by Dr. Fred Ballou here at our Richmond KY dental office to restore teeth for other reasons as well. Uneven teeth as the result of incomplete development or injury can be fixed with the application of a dental crown, as well as chipped or broken teeth as well. A tooth that has been cracked can be fixed by applying a dental crown so that no further damage or pain is experienced. If you have stained or yellowed tooth roots, a dental crown can be put into place to cover up the imperfection and leave you with a perfectly white tooth root instead.

Whether you are interested in a dental crown for medical or cosmetic reasons, these applications are important when it comes to restoring teeth. If you need a dental crown, our dentist Dr. Fred Ballou can provide one for you right here at our Richmond KY dental office whenever works best for you.

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