Cosmetic dentist in Richmond KY

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Richmond teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentist in Richmond KY
Cosmetic dentist in Richmond KY

If teeth whitening were easy, everyone would have it done. Well, it certainly is easy when you come to see our cosmetic dentist in Richmond KY. But more than easy, it’s also very effective, quick, convenient, and safe. What more could you ask for? Today, you can’t pass a retail store without seeing some kind of product that claims to whiten your teeth. And while many of them work to one degree or other, it’s also true that the abrasive ingredients that they contain can leave your precious tooth enamel damaged. That’s no good. What you need is to have it done by a professional or overseen by one, as with Dr. Ballou. There are two ways he can give you the whiter and brighter smile that you’re hoping for: either by having it done right here in our office or using a take home version that you can fit into your schedule more easily.

When you come to our office for treatments, you will notice a significant difference after the very first session. You may need more than one, depending on how discolored or stained your teeth are at the start and just how white you want to get them. That is something that our cosmetic dentist in Richmond KY will discuss with you. After all, you may not want a shocking difference in how your teeth appear and we can adjust our whitening to suit your preferences. And if you would rather be able to administer the treatments yourself, in the comfort of your home, we’re happy to help. The at-home version is not quite as strong, but it will still yield obvious results in just a few days. Don’t worry. Dr. Ballou will ensure that you know exactly how to use the system. It’s very simple.

There are several reasons why your teeth can lose their whiteness over time. Personal habits, such as tobacco use; beverages that include red wine, tea, and coffee; and foods like curry and berries can all have a major effect on the color of your teeth. Also, tetracycline and certain other drugs are known to cause discoloration. And your tooth enamel naturally wears down with age, revealing the more dull tissue beneath. The good news is that our cosmetic dentist in Richmond KY can help you no matter what the cause is.

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