Berea TMJ Treatment

Berea TMJ Treatment

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If you have pain in or around your jaws, it could be an indication of TMJ disorder, a jaw condition that is all too common. Here at the dental practice of Fred Ballou, you can be assured of expert care in the diagnosis and treatment of it.

In addition to jaw pain, other symptoms that mean you may need our Berea TMJ treatment are pain elsewhere in the face, all the way up to the ear, tenderness in the jaw area, clicking or other noises, or jaws locking up. The focal point of the problem is your temperomandibular joint, often shortened to just TMJ, which connects your lower jaw (mandible) to the temporal bone in the skull. Among the possible causes are arthritis, disk erosion, accidents, and injuries. When you start to have problems, you should not hesitate to get the attention you need via our Berea TMJ treatment. After an examination and x-rays, our dentist will evaluate the severity of your situation, which then will point in the direction of the most appropriate method of care. In mild cases, you may not require treatment; at least not right away. In fact, sometimes the situation will resolve itself over time. But for those that do need to be addressed, some of the options that will be considered to effect the desired outcome are night guards, sedatives to manage teeth clenching at night, and muscle relaxers. Physical therapy and exercises can also be very helpful. Surgery is not usually required, unless non-invasive methods prove to be insufficient in achieving the needed results or you suffer from recurring bouts of TMJ disorder.

Jaw abnormalities should not be ignored or put off. You need your jaws for so many things. So reach out to our office to schedule an appointment for our Berea TMJ treatment.

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